Some organizational notes


Update: we are now using Zoom, not MS Teams

We will use Zoom for the event ( Please check if you can access it via the web version or install the client. Teaching set up will include break out sessions in groups of not more than 3 participants in which you can do experiment and excercise with “peer” support (and you can call tutors and teachers in, in case you encounter problems the group cannot solve).

Onsite presence and Covid-19

For those present we will provide a seating with at least 1.5 m distance to other participants and will have a break at least once every hour to allow for fresh air. We will provide disinfection and masks for the situations in which you cannot keep distance. The building in Hollandstraße has extremely wide corridors and has two paths to exit doors to avoid unnecessary encounters.

Notes for the project presentations on Wednesday

  1. Replacing the poster session we would like to ask you to prepare a short video (e.g. recording slideshows in MS-Powerpoint) to present your project.

  2. Prepare a brief (3 min max) life presentation of your project to highlight the things you did not put in the video and trigger discussion and question and answer.

  3. Tell us by Thursday 2nd of July latest, if you prefer not present your project.

Preparing the Summer School

Please bring your own computer and install the following software before the school:

The class room will have Eduroam and a conference WiFi connection.

Further software is not required as all Python related teaching will be done in Colab (which, of course, you can try out in advance – or consider installing Anaconda on Windows machines or pure Python 3 on Linux/Mac machines if you prefer your own installation.

WIFI credentials onsite

SSID: oeaw-guest Username: event6248 Password: RA94!dgt