About the Summer School

Prosopography aggregates information conveyed by historical sources on people. It is a field of research that is crucial to many humanities disciplines, as people are a core category of all humanities research. Digital methods have a long tradition in prosopography. These methods have not yet become part of everyday humanists work, although they offer a rich set of new insights. This type of work can be applied in literature studies, art history, historical research of many time periods. Even sociology and political science are interested in prosopography.

This is the documentation of an event organized by the Austrian Center for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in summer 2020. The school introduced humanists of any disciplinary affiliation with basic computer literacy in digital tools, and how to create and analyse prosopographical data.

The school was organised in close collaboration with other ÖAW institutions:

Videos of the Summer School are now available on the ACDH’s YouTube channel.