Datasets for the Summer School

To give a thorough overview of prosopographical research while keeping the focus on real-world-projects we decided to provide a dataset from one of our projects at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and try to use it in as many sessions as possible. Apparently the project that has to offer all the aspects DH research can have (original partly destroyed source documents, transcribed and encoded in TEI, extracted entities in strucured format and all provided via web applications) is a little weak on prosopographical data itself. So we decided to stick with the “Ministerial Protocols of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire 1848-1867”1 and further enrich the data where needed 2 with biographies and structured data from the “Austrian Biographical Dictionary”.


We also chose the dataset as we think this is from a historical (political sciences) perspective one of the most interesting resources the Austrian Academy of Sciences has to offer.


Especially for the visualization sessions the incomplete data on people’s lives is a problem.